Hayyakom in Bahrain

Waid Oud Dokhoon (150g + 30ml)

35.000 BD

Editors advice

Less is more or more is less!
The success story of WAID OUD continues with a beautiful transparent fragrance that reflects its sparkling, bubbly freshness.
A transparent oud is modern and trendy intricately combined with white amber, and topped by a breezy fresh note and a fruity heart of passion.
A Shay fragrance that will leave your signature behind you at all times, to be worn WAID and ALWAYS!

Scent: Fresh

Perfumery Notes: Ozonice note, Passion fruit, Transparent Oud & Amber.

Key details: Luxury, Dokhoon 150g, Spray 30ml, by Anfasic Dokhoon

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