Hayyakom in Bahrain

Lailac Parfum (50ml)

69.000 BD

Scent Family: Floriental
The clean, floral scent of Lilac. A soft and balanced scent, Lailac begins with the sensuous, and floral Osmanthus top note, blending smoothly with the warm scent of the heart note, Musk. It ends on the deep, balsamic base note of Agarwood, a lingering oriental scent to captivate and entice.
Luxury lies in quality and depth, in the beauty of a pure scent. Hind Al Oud body creams are moisturizing and soothing, with a radiance that outshines even the stars and signature fragrances treasured in 10% concentrated oil.
  • Top Note - Osmanthus
  • Heart Note - White Musk
  • Base Note - Agarwood

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