Hayyakom in Bahrain

Gold Is Oud Parfum (50ml)

107.000 BD

Creator's Inspiration

If Gold had a smell…What it would be?

A jewel-ornamented golden bottle filled with the most precious everlasting scent, Gold is Oud is inspired by the world of luxury and sophistication, diffusing the most prestigious oriental note.  It begins with Goldenrod Honey, a sweet floral note that fuses with the sweet, comforting yet complex scent of its Vanilla heart note. The base is a special, signature Hind Al Oud blend, Hilal’s Wood, blends of pure Oud from different origins to highlight a beautiful everlasting fragrance.

Scent: Emarati

Fragrance Note: Goldenrod Honey, Vanilla, Hilal's Wood

Key Details: Perfume, 50ml, by Hind Al Oud

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