Hayyakom in Bahrain

Enchantment Oud (30ml)

67.000 BD

Brand Khaltat

Creator's Inspiration

I will treasure you forever.

A concentrated elixir of extreme love, Enchantment Oud is the purest love inspired by a fairytale, held close to the heart. Enchantment Oud is the only Khaltat scent to use Honey as a note, a sweet, golden, autumnal note that illuminates the Agarwood base note, the woody, rich and aromatic fragrance which gives shape to the fragrance with its high concentration.

The bottle represent honestly, security and stability. Its small size feels safe to hold as it fits your palm and easy to carry in your bag.
Scent: Emarati
Fragrance Note: Honey, Agarwood
Key Details: Parfum, 30ml, by Khaltat

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