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Enchantment Collection

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Brand Khaltat

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Creators Inspiration

The Enchantment collection is a collection of a unique elixir of extreme love. It features essential ingredients presented with an unconventional, addictive twist. The collection consists of : 

Enchantment Oud - Eau de parfum 30ml

A concentrated elixir of extreme love, Enchantment Oud is the purest love inspired by a fairytale, held close to the heart. Enchantment Oud is the only Khaltat scent to use Honey as a note, a sweet, golden, autumnal note that illuminates the Agarwood base note, the woody, rich and aromatic fragrance which gives shape to the fragrance with its high concentration.

Enchantment Joory - Eau de parfum 30ml

Enchantment Joory, inspired by the Arabian rose, is a romantic explosion of fruits and flowers. The top note is comprised of fresh Apple, giving the fragrance a fruity, powdery note, while the heart is a powerful, pure Joory Rose, sustained by the deep, dry and diffusive base notes of Cedarwood. Concentrated at 60%, Enchantment Joory creates a tangy, vibrant sparkle of roses around you.

Enchantment Musk - Eau de parfum 30ml

Enchantment Musk is a scented blend of oud and musk in an inescapably alluring and absolute love that exudes an enchanted and premier aura. New to the Enchantment Collection, it is a delicate combination of pure Oud and pure musk, using a specialized technique to safely and carefully extract musk without bringing harm to the deer that produce it. Unique and sensational. 

Key Details: Gift Set, by Khaltat

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