Hayyakom in Bahrain

Dragoste Parfum (65ml)

53.000 BD

Brand Khaltat

Creator's Inspiration

Love is always bestowed as a gift ... Freely, willingly, and without expectations.

.Dragoste is a Romanian love. A real love that inspired by the country that has authentic nature and love stories. Dragoste is about giving and expecting nothing in return; it is a committed and chosen Love. Such a deep love deserves the most romantic notes. The top note is Peach: velvety, fruity scent ebbing into a romantic scent to contrast with the warm, floral scent of the Heart note, Rose. To complete the fragrance is Gaiac Wood, a potent fragrance with mysterious woody notes that show the complexity of a real love.

Scent: Fresh

Fragrance Note: Peach, Rose, Gaiac Wood

Key Details: Parfum, 65ml, by Khalta

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