Hayyakom in Bahrain

Deep Masa'ey Parfum (50ml)

156.000 BD

Creator's Inspiration

Darkness adds beauty to life. It puts a special burn on sunsets and makes night air smell better.

Deep Masa’ey blossoms at night, a special scent to awaken your senses and broaden your mind. With a slightly spicy beginning of Nutmeg to provide a subtle oriental feel and the earthy, powdery but distinctly floral scent of Violet, Deep Masa’ey ends on an superfluous woody note. An abstract scent with slight ambery nuances, Cashmere and special unique woody note of Hilal’s wood, the special signature of Hind Al Oud blends of pure Oud from different origins to complete the scent of night dreamily.

Scent: Fresh 

Fragrance Note: Nutmeg, Violet, Cashmere Wood & Hilal's Oud

Key Details: Perfume, 50ml, by Hind Al Oud

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