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Ashyaa Dokhoon Gift Set

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Embrace a daily ritual of scented beauty with this carefully selected choice of the SHAYest Dokhoons. The open lid reveals 9 handcrafted incense cookies, and a detailed incense menu to make sure you light up the scent matching your mood.

  • Dokhoon Ghair & Shay (10gm)
  • Dokhoon Waid Shay (10gm)
  • Dokhoon Rose & Shay (10gm)
  • Dokhoon Oud & Shay (10gm)
  • Dokhoon Shay Shay (10gm)
  • Dokhoon Brea'ze Shay (10gm)
  • Dokhoon Marra Shay (10gm)
  • Dokhoon Be Shay (10gm)
  • Dokhoon Wow & Shay (10gm)

Key details: Dokhoon, Gift Box, by Anfasic Dokhoon

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