Hayyakom in Bahrain

Ahojas Oud (100gm)

171.000 BD

Creator's Inspiration
An aura of time where the soul creates a new dimension to reality.

Ahojas is a new fragrance that is taking the world by storm. This deep, enticing scent is created with a blend of fig and tobacco, which mingle wonderfully with honey to create an intoxicating aroma. The sweet white tobacco heart is balanced by the golden autumnal note of honey and the bitter green scent of fig leaves; creating a complex fragrance that will leave you feeling exhilarated. Hind Al Oud's signature ouds provide an insight in the beauty of nature and true luxury. 

Fragrance Notes: Fig, Tobacco, Honey
Key Details: Oud, 100gm, by Hind Al Oud
Scent: Floriental

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