Hayyakom in Bahrain

Mohamed Hilal Group began with its conceptualization in 2001 as a foundation for the existing passion and obsession for perfumery in three perfume brands: Hind Al Oud, Khaltat and Anfasic Dokhoon. Currently, we have over 120 shops in the GCC and are always striving for innovation. Each brand is a new and creative expression of different facets of the mind, heart, and soul, bringing scents to life with high quality, scentsational top, middle and base notes.

From perfumes, we have expanded our unique Emirati concepts into Food & Beverage: Milas, Musk and our newest addition, 3rd Avenue. Enjoying food is centered in the Art of designing the aromas within it; scent and taste come together in a natural balance. Behind the scenes of each of our restaurants is a perfumer that knows well how to use scent to turn each bite into a harmony of aromas.

Continuing through our creative and innovative process, we are branching out into the luxurious leather goods and luxury chocolate brands. Fashion, creativity, and inspiration are always at the forefront of our innovation; Hilal, our luxury leather goods brand, will portray our vision of a sophisticated, exclusive style.

Knowledge, love, and happiness were all found in the sky. We have always tried to anticipate the fulfillment of our dreams, and the stars were used to guide us. Manwa’ is Mohamed Hilal’s inspiration in the world of chocolate, bringing back the luxury chocolate experience; with deep, rich flavors we will restore what was once food for royalty.

Our philosophy is to work diligently and passionately, to build our brands with love, passion, inspiration, and happiness. Our goal is to inspire others through our work, to encourage and promote dedication, love, and happiness.

We welcome you to a uniquely modernized, traditional experience, in which Passion is our Inspiration.



Creating an Emotional Innovation Globally through a Unique Experience of Emirati Products & Services.


Our Interaction…Genuine with Love

Our Believe…We can make it happen

Our Mind…Wiser Everyday

Our Heart…Emotionally Innovative


Create an Ultimate Experience of Inclusive, Innovative & Inspirational Emirati Lifestyle Globally