Hayyakom in Bahrain

Hob 1 Parfum (65ml)

53.000 BD

Brand Khaltat

Creators Inspiration

The Vision Scent.

Awarded the FIFI Fragrance Award for Arabian Popular Appeal: Male Fragrance 2014.

Hob 1 is inspired by Sheikh Mohammed’s vision of Dubai: striving always to be number one “because no one ever remembers who comes second.” Its top note is Amber: admired for its charm and grace, its resinous oriental fragrance blends with the heart note, Musk to balance the fragrance with a subtle touch of sensuality and warmth to a pure vision of Love. This Emirati Vision is the base note, a powerful inspiration that serves as the base of Emirati Love and success. Completely transparent, 'colorless,' because VISION has no color… Hob 1 is the dream of the future.

Scent: Fresh

Fragrance Note: Amber, Musk, Emarati

Key Details: Parfum, 65ml, by Khaltat

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